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Vistaprint Template Gallery Page


Gallery pages were out of date and did not match the current site brand. Additionally there were many features missing from the experience including the ability to favorite and quick view. Secondary was an initiative to increase the use of filters in search.

My Role:

I was the hybrid UI/UX lead and drove all the visual design with a small team of designers, developers, and product owner. Over the course of the year we tested, prototyped, and rolled out a new UI for filters  that better matched the rebrand with a higher user engagement rate. We successfully added the ability to favorite a design and tested various versions of quick view. This was an integral part effort to reduce code bases between mobile, table, and desktop. 

The Outcome:

​There was a 1% to 2% increase in product level conversation rate after initial UI updates were rolled out in 2015. After rolling out a tile label calling out a matching design from a previous order  conversion rate on that tile had increased by ~40%.  In 2016 I updated the UI further and conversion went up an additional 1.5% in 2016. 

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