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Rue Lala Rebranded Homepage


Rue Lala underwent a 19 month long overhaul of their brand working along side an outside design agency for branding direction. I was part of the team that took that branding work and brought it to life for a rebranded experience that would dial up the the sophistication of the site and and inspire customers to find their personal style. The idea behind the redesign was to create "streets" for each category and that would show category authority in the women's, men, living, travel, kids etc...

My Role

I was a product designer on a cross functional team with developers, UX designers, photography art directors and production designers. I was responsible for the layout and visual design of the page and working with production to reduce production time and ease of asset creation. The solution has to be scaleable as the number of boutiques running a day was increasing as sales increased and the time production designers used to make assets could not increase with that. 

The Outcome

The final product launch in October 2011 and we saw an overall increase in key metrics for that year. 

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