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Vistaprint Studio Redesign October 2014 -Summer 2016

Project Background

The in-browser application that is the heart of the Vistaprint experience had not been re-designed for several years. This tool is used across all products that Vistaprint sells.  It had to be intuitive enough for users with very limited computer skills to be successful, yet powerful enough for advanced users to accomplish their goals. 


The Process and My Role

My role on this was project was Creative and UI lead. I worked in a cooperative design role as the UI lead with a UX designer/researcher, lead developer, and product owners to ensure the solution was feasable, scalable, and user centered by conducting visioning sessions with a cross functional team. Once we had a working framework for the top 3 products I then oversaw a junior level team of designers through roll out the remaining 50 plus products in all 25 locals while updating scene photography and UI controls from a large scale brand redesign. 


The Outcome

The main update from the old studio experience was the addition of contextual controls which allowed users to easily and quickly edit items directly on their document. The user has the left hand panel (which was there for the basic user) however also has the ability to interact directly with the canvas to design their product.  After rolling  out the first 3 products Vistaprint saw a 2.5% improvement in conversion against the previous version.

Here are some key screens.  I encourage you to explore the full experience on 

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