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Rue La La White Label Site Skin


Rue La La needed a way to win larger brands that did not currently sell to sample sale sites. The brands want to off load residual merchandise but not at the cost of their brand prestiege.

My Role

I was the product designer for this project using existing bones of the Rue site but skinning it to make the experience feel like the Brand was presenting the merchandise themselves. The other addition was the infusion of editorial content in the experience. My stakeholders for this project were both the brand acquisition team and the brands that were being presented to.

The Outcome

I created templates for registration, parent, child, and product pages with flexible CMS zones that allowed designers to re-skin the experience to fit whatever brand Rue wanted to make this experience for. After presenting this Coach agreed to sell on Rue La La which was one of the first 1 million dollar boutiques that ran on Rue La La. It also laid the groundwork for a deeper exploration at customization and brand-driven editorial experiences while shopping. Below are 3 of the brands that were pitched to. In the end, 2 out of the 4 brands agreed to be sold on Rue La La.

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